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Hmm, okay.

Asking how everyone is, asking what is "in" right now in the fantasy book world.

This last semester I had consisted of five english courses, so I really haven't been reading a whole lot outside of the "textbooks". But this summer is coming, so I want to know what's good out there. I already have Abhorsen to read (by Garth Nix), which I got for my birthday from my sister <3 (see, still haven't read it yet. XD), so I have one to look foreward to... any other good fantasies out there that I might like? I am not so big on high fantasy really...not so much right now, anyways. I've been too lazy to get into a book where there is a big sweeping world. XD I like more speculative fiction/science fantasy/fantasy in the real world/stuff at the moment. But anything, anything at all will be good.

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