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According to a site my sister was at, Melanie Rawn is going to be writing the book this year :D Finally. But that also probably means it will be quite some time until it is put out... but I really don't care anymore as long as I get to READ it. Augh. T_T I miss reading her stuff :( Actually haha I have the whole Dragon Prince/Star series to read but it's so long and I don't have time to read series lately T_T I'm already caught up in too many as it is. But yay, she's finally starting to write Captal's Tower :D

Whee first post in '04 :D
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She's going to start *writing* it this year?!? ;_; That probably means it'll be at least another year (or two or three) before I get to read it. :( Ah well, at least it's going to be there to read eventually. That's good news! ^_^

PS She also co-authored 'The golden key', in case you hadn't read that one yet. (You probably have, but ... it's not a serie. ^^; )
I've actually read that she's working on another project and not the Captal's Tower. And that sites that keep listing it with sooner release dates are blowing smoke.

I would LOVE it if it came out sooner, but I've got a feeling we may have a while more to wait.
Hmm. At my bookstore, they've placed a note on the notice-board saying: 'No, we don't know when Melanie Rawn's The Captal Tower will be out, but when we do, we'll post a note here, so stop asking us about it already!.' (Something along those lines, at any rate.)

... Also, I think yours was the first comment of 2005. Yay? Ouch? ^^;
WOW really? first comment of 05? my goodness ^^;;

I just joined. The Exiles series has been a long neglected fandom of mine :)