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The spark of interest

LOL I can't believe the dates on the posts made to this community. I guess everyone uses the official site? Why!? you get to know eachother ('s online identities) better here..
Introducing myself, here goes:
  • I LOVE reading, you can call me a bibliophile..
  • Val and Alin are possibly the most touching couple I've ever read about, they are so real - I wish I could have a relationship like that (I'm not very gender-oriented phsychologically).
  • This probably isn't the place to discuss Melanie's writing style, but it's certainly unique (and takes a lot of name memorisation at first). I've so far only read Exiles so I'm not in a position to talk.
  • I've created an account on the official site and am listed as ValMaurren.
Let's take some time now to appreciate Val and Alin-O
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