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Al and Val Community
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This is a community for those who like Alin and Val of Melanie Rawn's book: "Exiles: Ruins of Ambrai". If you haven't read the book, I suggest you don't wander here, because perhaps it will spoil things, and we don't want to be responsible for that. XP~

Also, since the subject of this community is so specific, you are also allowed to talk about anything you want. XD;; Haw. I certainly won't mind if you come in here talking about your cat Fluffy. But it would be nice if you kept the subjects to the fantasy/sci fi book field. ^_^

Thanks!~ Nav


Exiles, the Official Melanie Rawn Site~The author's website. A good place to contact other fans, learn the latest information, and take a look at some of Melanie Rawn's other books.
The Art Of Michael Whelan~Ohmigawd, I love this guys work. *-* He is so one of my favourite artists, and every time we look at a Melanie Rawn cover we have the honour of looking at his art. The background of this community is also by him.

~*Favourite Alin and Val Quotes*~

"Eyes like glacier ice, heart like mushy porridge, that's my Alin-O." -Val

...no words were said, no touches given, no obvious comfort offered. But Alin's thin, tense shoulders soon relaxed, and eventually his hand sought Val's for a brief squeeze.

"I think we knew each other before we were born." -Alin

"It doesn't wear out and it can't die. Nor can it be lost." -Alin

"It isn't that neither of us is scared. But everybody is, one way or another. You just get on with things." -Alin again :p

For the first time she saw him smile - sweet, self-mocking, tender, his was a smile to mend hearts, not break them. (Sarra talking about Alin)

They were snuggled nearby, Valirion providing a sort of living cradle of arms and legs for his exhausted cousin. Alin leaned against Val's chest, drowsy-eyed, so slight that he looked like a child in Val's embrace.

Casual as his voice was, yet there was worry in his eyes - not for what Alin feared might happen, but for Alin himself...to love someone that much, so much that every hurt was instinctively shared...to be loved that much, so much that no hurt went uncomforted...

Alin had come back from Neele? Of course he'd come back from Neele. Neele was not where Valirion was.

"...his wound is through the heart."
"So will Alin's be."

"Sarra...he said to tell you that he and Val loved you very much."
Nodding slowly, she whispered, "Not half as much as they loved each other." (Provided by: shinticre)

"She doesn't realize that Alin isn't ever going to marry anyone except in the unlikely even that Valirion Maurgen turns female." (Provided by: deux)